Small Business Blogs – Strategic Business Practices

When it comes to business blogs, there are many ways to structure and build effective content. An online marketer and business owner can hire an article writer, and have them write 500 word articles, creating 100 articles and pay them $2 per article. Or, a savvy owner can hire someone and pay them $5/500 words and have them create 50 higher quality articles. Which is better?

Is it better to have 100 low quality articles or 50 higher quality articles?

Every marketer that is successful knows that high quality content will drive more targeted customers to your business. Higher quality, more targeted customers are more likely to become paying customers that frequent your blog. Once you build an audience, you are more likely to have customers return to your site again and again. If you have customers that visit your website one time because the quality of your content is good, even if they do not buy something the first time, the odds are high they will continue to visit and eventually become loyal, paying customers.

Purpose of High Quality Content

Never underestimate the power of high-quality content. Some first-time business owners seek out content without paying attention to the power of high-quality content. However most online consumers are very savvy. They seek out content that is rich and meaningful. People spend more time on the internet today than doing any other leisurely activity. People will spend more time surfing the internet than shopping, watching television, or spending time outside. You can perform any number of activities online, including getting the latest news, catching up on sports, catching up with friends and family members, and even taking care of your shopping needs.

For that reason it is critical to provide consumers with high quality content. You don’t need to provide content solely related to your products and services. You can also provide high-quality content that will entice consumers because it provides them with information they might be looking for to read on their leisurely time.

How to Attract High Quality Customers

The key to attracting high-quality consumers is finding out what your targeted audience is searching for online. Invest some time into your targeted audience by finding out the types of things they are searching for online. If they want to read more about the types of products and services you offer, or learn more about technology, then provide the best quality content you can find on technology for your target audience.

You won’t regret it. If you have 50 high quality articles on technology, your consumers will thank you by visiting your site each time you update an article. That loyalty will eventually turn into paying customers. You can create a list of returning customers, and update them each time you upload fresh content. In the end, this is the best way to attract and retain the best customers. Nobody wants to read low quality content. This is worse than eating Spam. Unless of course, that is the kind of thing that you enjoy and if that is the case, then go for it.

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Is the ‘About Us’ Page Effective?

Nearly every website, and every small business, has an ‘About Us’ webpage. But is your ‘about us’ webpage really doing its job? Smaller companies see this page as a resource, that offers a business a chance to give a little information about who the business is and what it does. Can this really work in attracting clients?

Proven Success

An ‘About Us’ page can be highly effective in attracting clients and providing information if it is carefully crafted with the right information for a targeted audience. There is a formula that many successful business owners use when crafting a successful ‘About Us’ page. Here are a few simple steps that you can use to make the right choice when crafting an ‘About Us’ page.

  1. Include a unique message. Add a message that includes a distinguishing feature about you or your company. Highlight your skills, expertise, the product that you offer, your service, and your customer or target customer.
  2. Company description. The ‘About Us’ page should include an overview of who the company is, what it does and how long it has been in business, what the mission, goals and philosophy of the company are and what the business offers.
  3. Business pitch. This part of the page should include what unique services or product the company can offer and what makes the company unique in terms of value.
  4. Show that you are a real company, with real people behind it. Many people in the modern market are looking for honest, trustworthy people. That is one advantage small businesses have over large corporations. Show them who you are. What do you have to offer that other businesses do not? Why are you an expert in your business? Show customers there is something real about you.
  5. Culture. Share something about your organizational culture with the world. This also helps your target audience connect with you. People want reality, not a stiff corporate culture. Give people something they can reach out and connect with. You can add a video, pictures, your favorite quote or something else that a consumer can connect with. You can also add a picture of yourself on the ‘About Us’ page. Anything that will allow your customers or clients to connect with you.
  6. Newsletter. You may also include a newsletter page on your ‘About Us’ page. Give your readers an opportunity to get to know you even further by subscribing to your company newsletter. Offer them an opportunity to contribute to your newsletter or learn more about your company by visiting your corporate blog.

The best ‘About Us’ pages are not generic pages, but personal pages that offer visitors, clients, an customers an opportunity to learn more about the company from a personal perspective. Invite your clients to learn something they might not otherwise learn anywhere else on your website. People like to discover new things, and they like to learn about corporate culture.

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Creativity – Using Symbols in the Subject Line to Get Noticed

When creating an email marketing campaign it is necessary to use underutilized strategies to get your emails noticed. There are plenty of people out there an email marketer as to compete with. Because of this it is absolutely essential to think of ways to highlight your messages. One way to do this is to use symbols in the header or headlines to get your headline or title noticed.

Think of symbols as a way to brand your message. Symbols can also highlight a special occasion. Symbols can be used on many different instances or occasions to get a point across. Many companies use symbols to help set a tone or theme for the message the company wants to convey. If you do plan to use symbols, there are a couple of symbol-related strategies you must consider before implementing them.

  1. Use symbols as the beginning of the subject. If you plan to use symbols, place them at the start of the subject line. This will highlight the symbol so the reader sees the symbol before anything else. This way symbols have the most impact. If you use them later in the writing or at the end of a line, the symbol may not have as much impact.
  2. Use simple designs. A more complicated design may seem very artistic, but it may also take attention away from your branding and message. Simple symbols are also easier to remember and help with branding.
  3. Test your symbols. If you are trying to figure out what symbols make the most impact on your audience, test several first. Find out what works best for your audience.
  4. Use sparingly. Use symbols during times when you need a boost the most. For example, if you have slow months and want to boost traffic, then try symbols then. If you use them all of the time, they will lose the power they have to attract your audience and gain attention. Your customers will become accustomed to seeing them. Help your symbols to stand out when you need them the most.
  5. Be different. Try something that is out of the box every now and again. This can help you gain the much-needed attention that you are looking for when you use symbols. Think of something that no one else is using to gain attention and highlight your headlines.

Remember that not everyone uses the same phone or the same email client. So you should take the time to test your symbols on different clients to see how they look. This will give you an idea of how well certain symbols are working. And remember, use symbols, but use them sparingly so they remain powerful in getting your message across.

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