The Magic Words: The Importance of the Subject and “From” Lines for Email Marketing

Did you know that the subject and “from” lines in any given marketing email are the most important elements of a message? Yes, the content must be of a high quality if you are to attract customers and the sales pitch must be just right to make your products or services look appealing but it is the subject and “from” lines that determine whether said content and sales pitch are ever read in the first place.

Vital Statistics

The subject and “from” lines of every single email you send or receive are the only hints individuals get as to what the email is about so it is no wonder that it directly influences whether an individual will open a specific email or not.

Here are some statistics for you regarding this point. 69% of people that receive email will report messages as Spam based solely on the subject line and 43% would do so on the “from” line. In addition, 35% of all recipients of email choose whether or not to open a message on the subject line alone. These statistics illustrate just how important it is to get the subject line and the “from” line right every single time if you want people to actually read your marketing.

Now you have another problem – choosing the best possible subject line and getting the “from” line right. The tips below will help you to do just that first time, every time.

Essential Tips for Marketing Emails

The “from” line is absolutely crucial if you want recipients of your marketing emails to actually open and read them. The first thing you should do is make sure that the sender is quite clear. Whether it is from a specific person, department or company, it should always be transparent. Never use a gimmick or a pseudonym because it is likely to put people off. You should also make it easy to respond.

Unlike the straightforward and serious “from” line, you can have fun with the subject line but there are still come tips that will help you to get it right:

  • Always use a call to action that entices the recipient to click through and read it. It can be witty, attractive and exciting but it should always appeal to the audience so making sure it is relevant to your entire mailing list is necessary.
  • Include information that is key to the email itself so as to give your reader a hint of what it is about. The more informed they feel by the subject line, the more confident they will be that it is not spam and the more likely they will be to read it.
  • Personalize the email if you can by using the recipient’s name in the subject line.
  • Finally, avoid using characters and features that spammers tend to use. For example, go easy on the exclamation marks and avoid using them at all if you can possibly help it. Never use capital letters (you do not want to shout at your reader) and keep the language simple and avoid being provocative.

If you use these tips and take care over the subject and “from” lines then you will find that your email marketing campaigns can enjoy much more success than ever before. It could really take your business to the next level.

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